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About TorinJ

What may I be which is more than I am
a lone being, made stronger by empowering others

Line art of a boat, rocketship, and sword surrounded by musical notes.


I always feel conflicted about how casual or professional I should make something like this. I mean, I hate to sound ranty, and well, like I'm on a soap box. Well, here goes nothing...
The intention in creating TorinJ.com wasn't only in creating a portfolio for what I love, but a community of individuals aspiring to grow into the best version of themselves. It was made as a place to showcase my music and stories, and someday the music and stories of others, along with ways to collaborate as a community during the creation process.
The intent was also in making an educational platform for how to take care of our bodies and minds, subjects sorely needed in public education.
It was made to be a place where I can share what I've learned (and someday others can share what they've learned) in the hopes of helping at least one person grow.

Projects and Resume

Why Music

Music is highlighted on this sight because, for me, it was, and is, a a wonderful outlet which positively influences my mental wellbeing, and I want it to help others in the same way. I also love how humans can learn through song, communcicate emotion through words and instruments, and create something beautiful through sound. Almost anyone can listen to any song from any culture or language and find some sort of meaning to it. It's a beautiful thing, that really brings us together. Just like live performances. Everyone is gathered together, from all diverse walks of life, to listen. To enjoy a unified atmosphere, with no competition, only companionship and immediate community. Beautiful, truly.

Why Wellbeing

I came into college thinking I wanted to do robotics, because robots and automation can help people. I realized my true interest was intelligence, and from there the human brain. Why do we do the things we do? I've since grown, through reflections on new and past expeiences, to see our daily wellbeing as the most imporant area to have positive influence in. How might I influence positive changes in the daily wellbeing habits of individuals, through software, music, business, and behavioral psychology, for the creation of happier and more fulfilling lives. That has since became my lifelong mission. And really, it's been a large part of my life long before then, through friends, family, and others around me who have suffered from the consequences of our societies lack of care and understanding in the realm of positive mental health and wellbeing education and facilitation. Let's be the difference, and do something real to change that.

Why Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Leadership

These 3 words have become a crucial and large part of my life and education. I came to college with little knowledge in these areas, and through exposure, mentorship, and my own pursuance of them as interests, I have grown to see them as some of the most powerful skillsets of positive influence in this world. The world needs more leaders, who create innovative solutions, through entrepreneurial mindsets. I want to spread the teachings of my own teachers, and help others grow as innovative leaders while growing myself.

Why Life?

I honestly just wanted a place to put anything else I find interesting and love. Seriously, that's it! Well, that and I believe we can each be happy and love life every day through recognizing and giving gratitude for the small moments we live through. The smiles we give and receive from strangers, sweet smell of coffee freshly brewed, and the warm sun shining through the window. Laughing at the water we all inevirably spill on our crotch, because we're all human, and life happens. I want to let it, and bask in the joy of being alive each moment, instead of regretting what I didn't do because I was afraid. Someday, I hope this section can be filled with an entire community sharing such beautiful moments.